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Pushloop Media
Jarrett McPeek
I'm a windsurfer, surfer, photographer, television director, and media technology director - and I'm very lucky to be able to call both San Francisco and Honolulu home.

Like many photographers, I find the storytelling potential and creative opportunity in capturing a single frame in time to be addictive. I enjoy purposefully utilizing the various tools and techniques of photography to help tell stories - working with shallow and medium DoF to draw just the right amount of attention to a subject... or maybe a slow shutter speed to help illustrate the dichotomy between motion and stillness in the scene. There are almost unlimited ways to tell every story.

I feel most at home in and around the ocean, and that's the foundation of much of my work. I spent several years shooting windsurfing, standup paddle surfing and surfing for a few publications - Windsurfing Magazine, Standup Journal, Windsport, the New England Windsurf Journal and the World Kite and Windsurfing Guide. I've also enjoyed covering events and shooting portraits, but I'm consistently drawn to vistas - land, sea, city - anything really where light, subjects and often water align.

I'm always looking for new and interesting collaborations.